Modular Programming in Android with MVVM (Kotlin) — Part 3

This part provides description about each of the module and Github link.

Please find below link for Part-1 and Part-2

The below are the modules created as part of this sample project:

  1. MVVMLauncher — AppModule
  2. Common
  3. AppNavigator
  4. BottomSheet
  5. DaggerPractice
  6. MVVMDataBinding
  7. MVVMLogin
  8. MVVMNavigator
  9. MVVMRoom
  10. MVVMRxRetrofit
  11. RoomRepository

Description :

  1. MVVMLauncher — AppModule : The module is starting point of the app that displays list of items , clicking on each item will launch corresponding screen from respective module.
  2. Common — Contains common code that can be accessed across app like Dependency Injection, BottomSheet and toolbar.
  3. AppNavigator — Single point of contact for screen navigation between activities, fragments.
  4. Bottom Sheet — Contains code to display BottomSheet
  5. DaggerPractice- Contains code related to various types of Dependency injection using Dagger2
  6. MVVMDataBinding- Contains sample code related to DataBinding using MVVM.
  7. MVVMLogin- Contains sample Login screen with MVVM
  8. MVVMNavigator — Contains sample screens that used Navigator jetpack component
  9. MVVMRoom-Contains sample code that access common RoomDB depository .Contains screens for the same.
  10. MVVMRxRetrofit — Contains sample code demonstrating Retrofit using RXjava and Coroutines
  11. RoomRepository- Contains common code for RoomDB , that can be used as dependency in any module that requires access to DataBase.

GitHub Link for the Project:



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